David Stojan's Fantasies [DVD] 18+ Limited Edition

David Stojan's Fantasies [DVD] 18+ Limited Edition

A Film by David Stojan.

Limited edition of Fantasies by David Stojan


Five short films by David Stojan:

Midnight Fantasy (2022): The story of an unfaithful christian woman who sees her dominant lover after work.

Good Hotel Babe (2022): A group of elite security guards are operating a snuff film ring in this filthy hotel.

Snuff Toy (2022): During a visit to get rid of incriminating evidence an ex-employee of the now abandoned orphanage runs into an old friend.

Dark Intent (2017): The short story of a love triangle between two blood sisters.

Lost Tapes (2019): A mysterious compilation of deleted scenes.

New Film Order Productions

Genre: Horror/Experimental/Crime/Mondo
Language: English/Spanish
Subtitles: English/Spanish/German
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/702181666
Runtime: 63 min.
Bitrate: 9000 kbps
Region-Free [NTSC]
DVD Duplicate

*Explicit content
*Must be 18+ to purchase

Bonus Shorts:

Vampire L. (2021): A predator Vampire leads a young woman online into meeting up with him downtown.

Night At The Fair (2022): Rollercoaster rides, junk food and fun at the fair.

Pueblo Magico (2022): A relaxing visit to a magic town on a sunday afternoon.

Ciudad Oscura (2022): An exploitation pseudo-documentary film style mondo that depicts the poverty, the black arts and the shadowy habitants of this dim city where death is celebrated and powerful secret societies rule the underworld.